Team completes household survey

The baseline household survey was conducted in Laclubar and Soibada subdistricts from Sunday 22nd October to Friday 27th October 2017. A team of four enumerators from Laclubar were selected so the local dialect of IDATE could be used with farmers as their preferred language. Team members included Enrico (agriculture graduate from UNTL with several years experience working with WVI and JICA); Liberio (agriculture student UNTL), Adi (UNTL public health graduate, working for Plan International); and Freddie (Uni graduate). Alex Sarmento organised the team and translated the questionnaire into Tetum. A pre-test was conducted with four farmers and several questions were modified.


Alex Sarmento going through the questionnaire with the team.

Jennifer Bond and Joanne Millar accompanied the team over four days whilst they interviewed 43 Farmers (including 9 women) who have been planting trees since 2011. Most of these farmers plan to continue planting trees in 2018 so the impacts of the project can be evaluated in coming years.  The village or suco of Orlalan had 15 farmers to interview, Batara suco had 11, Manelima suco had 8, Soibada suco 5,  Funar  suco 3 and Sana’ain only 2 farmers.  Farmers were asked about land use, plantation management, income sources and expenditure, awareness of conservation farming/FMNR, and traditional ecological knowledge. Results will be available in early 2018.


Adi interviewing lady in Funar village


Enrico interviewing farmer in Soibada


Author: redpandabhutan

I am Project Leader for Darwin Initiative funded project on "Sustainable rangeland management to protect red pandas and herder livelihoods in Bhutan"

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