Farmers learn about FMNR from World Vision and Aileu farmers

Farmers from Laclubar and Soibada had two opportunities to learn about Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration in December 2017 organised by Alex Sarmento, our project manager. Jesuinho Gusmao from World Vision TL visited the project area in early December to give an introductory presentation to the community and assess suitability of sites for FMNR. He visited six sites and showed farmers the basic elements of how to manage natural regeneration of eucalypts.

Jes and Guido at Laclubar site inspection 2017

Jes Gusmao from World Vision (right) and Guido Deamantino from Laclubar (left)

A group of 21 farmers (7 women, 14 men) and our 5 project staff were then selected to go on a  study tour to Aileu district where farmers have been practicing FMNR for several years. The first stop was the World Vision office in Dili where Jes gave a more indepth presentation about FMNR techniques and handed out posters (see below).

Laclubar farmers looking at poster at WVI office in Dili

The group continued on to Aileu where they met Manuel da Silva who has transformed his forest landscape by terracing, coppicing, thinning and crop diversification. Manuel demonstrated pruning techniques and explained how to improve the productive capacity of degraded lands.

Champion farmer talking to Lac farmers

Manuel showing his mixed pineapple, cassava and eucalyptus plantation.

Farmers at Aileu

Eucalyptus alba plantation on terraced slopes.

Here are some of the comments from farmers on what they had learnt from the trip;

Adroaldo Soares: I like his trees because his trees are very varied. So we want to copy his practice. We only planted two trees so far.

Zacarias Sarmento: I like his long-term trees and short term trees but we need to increase the varieties of trees. Because if we do that then our farm will be so diverse.

Ernesto Martins: Manuel’s trees are not only planted trees but also natural regrowth. My land is very suitable for FMNR. I have cut all trees in my field but in Manuel’s farm he keeps everything.

Tomas Soares: We want more training in seedlings production and integrated farming like that of Manuel.

The target is to have at least 40 ha undergoing FMNR by June 2020.

Many thanks to Alex Sarmento and Jes Gusmao for organising the farmer training.

Group shot holding FMNR posters


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