First biodiversity survey

Conservation International with the project field team have just completed a 5 day biodiversity survey at Laclubar and Mount Diatuto protected area. The team surveyed 3 tree plantation areas a at Laclubar. Experts trained and guided the field staff in capturing small mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Birds were also recorded. Results will be shared later but here are a few photos in the meantime! Big thanks to Conservation International staff, Sergio Barreto and Trudi Dale for organising the survey and including our project staff in the training.


Small mammal traps


Pit traps for reptiles and frogs

IMG-20180603-WA0002.jpg  IMG-20180603-WA0005

Weighing field mouse        The team!



Author: redpandabhutan

I am Project Leader for Darwin Initiative funded project on "Sustainable rangeland management to protect red pandas and herder livelihoods in Bhutan"

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