Many hands for tree planting on communal land!

On 24th January 2020, F_COTI organised a big tree planting event at Obrato, a small village along the coastal road to Manatuto. They planted more than 3,000 out of a planned 20,000 trees in an area of 18 hectares. Everyone was there to help out from local school students and teachers, NGO and government representatives, police and Timor Leste’s much loved veterans, Xanana Gusmao and Jose Ramos Horta. The Ambassador of European Union, Ambassador of Portugal, UNDP Resident Representative in Timor-Leste, Municipal authorities, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and Secretary of State for the Environment also attended.


Author: redpandabhutan

I am Project Leader for Darwin Initiative funded project on "Sustainable rangeland management to protect red pandas and herder livelihoods in Bhutan"

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