Halo Verde Project now on PV website

The Halo Verde project is now registered as a carbon trading entity on the Plan Vivo Foundation website! Farmers in Laclubar and Soibada have signed new agreements for their carbon certificates, and FCOTI is applying for a Markit account (platform to sell carbon credits) so it wont be long before carbon credits can be sold to interested buyers. Funding from the Darwin Initiative Fund has made this possible through the efforts of FCOTI, GTNT and Charles Sturt University.

Go to https://www.planvivo.org/project-network/halo-verde-timor-leste/

117083152_299573238018826_3432918244487370072_n 117644952_299573308018819_2300326946714618601_n



Thank you to Lisa Hubbard for some of the pictures.

Author: redpandabhutan

I am Project Leader for Darwin Initiative funded project on "Sustainable rangeland management to protect red pandas and herder livelihoods in Bhutan"

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