Local stakeholder consultations

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The project kicked off in Timor Leste in September with a series of stakeholder consultations to discuss expansion of community reforestation activities and carbon certification to a recognised international carbon standard. Participants also discussed

  • Sustainable Development elements of the project
  • A Sustainability Monitoring Plan
  • A strategy for continuous consultation (Input & Grievance Mechanism)

Meetings were held in Dili, Laclubar and Soibada. There were 24 attendees in Dili with representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Environment, National Directorate for Climate Change, Department of Forestry, RAEBIA, World Vision International and Conservation International. Issues raised included more diversity of tree plantings (for biodiversity and food, not just timber);  safeguards to reduce pressure on natural forests; potential extreme climate impacts, and use of  participatory land use mapping for land use change planning.


Dili stakeholder meeting

Thirty two community members attended the Laclubar meeting and 24 local people attended the Soibada meeting. Laclubar farmers want to improve site selection, nursery management, seedling distribution, work scheduling and promotion of “working bees”,. They are considering  the creation of womens’ groups to encourage female participation, and introduction of water harvesting systems to deal with drought and tree mortality. They also thought there should be more variety of trees including fruit trees and plantings on communal land, awareness raising about grazing compliance by neighbours and use of the authority of the Chef du Suco (village chief) to reinforce compliance. Soibada’s farmers are worried about increasing landslides and want to plant trees on communal land but avoid areas that are currently contested. They also suggested providing trees to all households as a way of achieving general community participation.



Laclubar stakeholders





Author: redpandabhutan

I am Project Leader for Darwin Initiative funded project on "Sustainable rangeland management to protect red pandas and herder livelihoods in Bhutan"

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